Friday-Saturday, April 26-27


The Great Salt Plains is a great location to experience creation geology.  As the premier “sandbox” of the plains, families can work together to unearth selenite crystals, and maybe even a cluster or two!

Cost: $10/person for age 10 and up, $5 for ages 3-10, and Free for children under 3.

Where to meet: Gypsum Hills Nature Museum, Hardtner, KS at 10 am on Friday.  After seeing the museum we will caravan to the Great Salt Plains to begin our exploration, and then continue on Saturday.  Jerry (DocRock) Simmons will explain the creation science all along the way and assist at the dig site.

Accommodation: For those spending the night, the park has camping spots and there is a motel in Cherokee and several in Alva.  Pit toilets are available at the dig site, but  bring plenty of water for washing and drinking.

What to wear: Wide brim hat, sunscreen, a change of clothes, shoes you don’t mind getting wet and muddy Cutoff pants are best so that we can wash off the salty mud easier once we are done. Good pair of rubber gloves to use while you noodle around in the watery salty mud Knee pads of some sort (sports type will work) so you can work on your knees as your noodle around in the mud for crystals and crystal clusters Of course weather is always a factor so we will have to consider that element too.

What to bring: Food for meals. 1-2 gallon ice cream container (or equivalent) to hold the crystals you dig. Sturdy plastic cup to scoop sand and water. Sturdy small garden type shovel. A larger long-nose digging shovel (sharp shooter) if you have one, or regular shovel is OK if you don’t. Roll of paper towels to wrap your best crystals or crystal clusters in.

You can sign up by calling Linda at 620-518-3167 or 620-862-5654.

Creation Science Day Camp

June 17-19

10:00 am-3:00 pm

This summer’s Creation Day Camp, led by a variety of Heart of America instructors, will be held Monday through Wednesday, June 17-19 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm for students going into grades 3-8.  This camp fills up rapidly due to limited space, so please sign up early!  620-518-3167 or 620-862-5654